Build it, they will come?  Maybe several years ago.

In Today’s economy, consumers are frightened about buying anything, let alone a big ticket item like a house.  Of course, there will always be people who want to buy or build a brand new home, but unfortunately, the number of people who can afford to has been shrinking dramatically over the last few years.  Even more unfortunate is that the inventory of new homes and the availability builders in the target range of homebuyers is shrinking too.

Many builders have decreased the annual volume of homes they build by 70% or more, and in an effort to cut costs they have all but ceased entirely their spending on marketing and advertising.  What this means is that those consumers who are in the market for a new home are finding it increasingly difficult to locate a builder to accommodate their needs.  Builders who “don’t get their name out there” run the risk of seeming less than confident and credible when and if homebuyers find them.

The good news is that there will always be a market for new homes, and incidentally, there are more homes being sold in your area than you alone are building. So how do you increase your piece of the pie in a down market?  Well, the old saying is true, “When business is good you must advertise and when business is bad you must advertise MORE. 

How can this be done with a shrinking budget? That’s where Dream Smart: Homebuyer Edition comes in. We can feature you on our network television show and put your company in front of tens of thousands of buyers, branding your company and establishing instant credibility. Not only will you be showcasing your beautiful homes, but your personal involvement will resonate with buyers. As a featured guest builder on Dream Smart: Homebuyer Edition you will be viewed as an expert in your industry, and your message will be clear – that even in tough times there is a builder people can depend on to deliver.

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